Putting Quality at the Centre of Your Project


CertCentral® has a unique advantage over our competitors.

Our software is designed by engineers, architects, surveyors and tradespeople, many of whom have had to work through frustrations with existing alternative software platforms. This approach ensures that our system is more intuitive to use and that the information that we present assists with delivering improved quality and better controls.

CertCentral® software improves behaviours on construction projects by making it easier to work together, track performance and demonstrate quality.

CertCentral® provides users with simplified user experience, live data analytics and reporting which allow us to work smarter and create seamless integration between the site and the office.


The Inspection plan Timeline allows us to display and capture a detailed inspection and test plan for the entire project team. The timeline can be structured to mirror the program of works allowing users to capture evidence of due diligence as the works are completed. Team members are offered a “4-week Look-ahead” view, as well as “Full Timeline”, ensuring that you only see information which is current and relevant.


The Inspection Plan Overview is a table-based view of the Inspection and Test plan. This section is instantly searchable and filterable, which allows the user to locate and view specific reports. Users can filter by company, discipline, work package, zone and even by keywords. Construction managers can add information tags to specific reports to communicate with their site teams.

Inspection plan overview

The Issues for Close-Out is the most robust defect management platform on the market. It integrates seamlessly with the CertCentral Field application, logging and assigning snags and defects captured during site inspections. All issues are tracked, assigned, closed-out photographically and reviewed by multiple parties throughout the project life cycle. The traffic light system ensures that the status of all issues is clearly communicated. Users can create bespoke Active Issue reports and logs to facilitate smooth and efficient snagging and defect management processes. Nothing is ever lost and accountability is crystal clear.


The Benchmarks feature enables the project team to create, submit, review and track a schedule of quality benchmarks for their project. Quality benchmarks are the “first-of-kind” samples which often need to be reviewed by multiple parties before construction can commence. CertCentral allows the user to have multiple reviewers from different disciplines, coordinated comments and a clear traffic light system to indicate the status of every benchmark.


The Companies can now use Checklist Manager to recreate their paper-based SHEQ check-sheets in our digital Field App. This tool will enable users to captured information more quickly using automated dropdown menus, Yes/No buttons and multiple choice questions in place of manual entry. The device can be used to capture photographic evidence, signatures and other key information while on site. Once completed the system generates a clean, clear PDF report, removing the need to store paper sheets and eradicating unproductive tasks such as scanning. Moreover, by reducing administrative burdens, users are more likely to focus on the task in hand and deliver better oversight.


All daily photographs of compliant work captured within the CertCentral® Field app are logged and stored in Photo Evidences log. They are tagged by date, work package, zone, floor plan, company and inspector. These photographs can be used to demonstrate compliance, track progress and for training purposes. They are instantly searchable


The project dashboard provides the project leadership and all other users with clear, simple infographics indicating the current status of the project. The analytics presented on the dashboard can give the team a clear picture of performance across a wide range of workflows. This can provide and early indication of poor performance, allowing the team to investigate further and review the detail which can be found throughout the platform.


Queries Summary is CertCentral’s bespoke RFI and site query tool. It integrates seamlessly with CertCentral® Field to allow users to raise queries with anyone on the project directory from site. The desktop version of Queries Summary also allows users to raise queries under multiple categories, whilst adding “notified parties” who can be copied on a query thread. Project Managers can also set up private query channels to manage more sensitive communications.


The Meeting minutes are a critical tool for project managers and tracking actions can be a difficult task. CertCental® allows companies to set up meeting minute templates, which enable them to capture actions and notes during meetings. All actions are then allocated to other project users and where required, reviewers can be set up to validate that actions have been completed. Meeting Minutes “carries-forward” any actions which have not been completed since the previous meeting, reducing administration. Once a meeting has concluded, the chairperson can simply click a button and distribute the record in PDF to all attendees and those on the distribution list.

Meeting Minutes (1)

The Team members can submit proposed change orders for review by the project leadership team. The submitter can indicate the reason for the change, the cost implications for same and whether there is an implication for the program or contract time. Each submittal can have multiple reviewers and authorising parties. Reviews can be set to be concurrent or sequential allowing for the chain of command to be reflected in the process.


CertCentral® has been integrated with Uniclass 2015, which allows us to assign responsibility for work packages to individual designers based on this nomenclature. This structure enables the team to link inspections, non-compliances and other workflows to work packages. These activities then feed CertCentral®’s data analytics engine which provides live statistical analysis to assist with better project management.


Design Deliverables is a sophisticated technical submittals and design management tool. It enables the project team to create detailed design development plans and technical submittal registers for the project. It allows users to set up clear criteria for submitters and set multiple reviewers for each submittal. Comments and attachments are coordinated in a single workspace and can be easily viewed. The status of each item is clearly displayed and tracked using our traffic-light system. Submittals can also be routed directly to the File Manager Common Data Environment once they have been accepted.


Planning Condition is a tool that can be used by the project team to track the status of all statutory consents. Where a local authority can requested that certain compliance conditions must be for a project, this tool allows the team to create a simple folder structure with a clear schedule of deliverables. The team can place individual responsibility for each deliverable and track compliance using our traffic-light system. The project manager can also extract live trackers in Excel and circulate via email.


File Manager is CertCentral®’s Common Data Environment or (CDE). This tool has been designed to do what many other CDEs have failed to do; which is to make it easy to access information when needed. File Manager is capable of running both PAS1192 and ISO 19650 file-naming. It can host models, standard document files and even ZIP files when needed. Bulk upload is seamless and quick, relying simply of the filename to extract info-tags and the searchability of the platform is virtually instant. Users can filter and search using multiple critreria, bulk-download and generate document registers with the click of a mouse.


One of the most laborious elements of construction is the requirement to track and collate documentation. Critical Documentation is a smart repository which allows users to streamline and automate the data collection process. Whether it is a collateral warranty, or a concrete cube register, the document is assigned, submitted, reviewed and tracked using Critical Documentation. The system can be filtered by discipline, document type, project phase and project stage. Users are provided with a simple portal to upload and review. All documents are tracked using the traffic light system and the schedule can be exported to Excel and emailed to the project team to track performance.


Project Documentation Logs is a filing system which is linked directly to Critical Documentation. Companies can set up the Project Documentation Logs section to mirror the top layer of their own internal file-sharing structure e.g. Share Point or Dropbox. This enables users to route documents captured in Critical Documentation to a folder in Project Documentation Logs. This then allows the users to bulk-download the documentation capture to their own hard-drives or cloud-based platform at completion stage. They may also choose to share access to these folders with members of the team.


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This graphic explains how Cert Central features are used at each RIBA’s project stage.

Strategic Definition


Meeting Minutes, File manager (CDE) and Queries can be set up to manage communication and recording key decisions.

CertCentral Connect


The CertCentral® Field App creates a seamless link between the office and the worksite.

Project users can use their mobile device to:

  • Link construction snags/defects and inspection reports to drawings and zones
  • Capture evidence of quality and compliance
  • Raise RFI’s and queries from the field
  • Close-out and review issues on-site, filtering by zone, issue type and work package
  • Complete QA Check-sheets and mark-ups
  • Access design information from the common data environment